Axl Rose is new AC/DC Frontman

Axl Rose

It’s official folks, Guns ‘n’ Roses very own lead singer, is replacing long-time lead vocalist Brian Johnson! Considering Johnson’s contribution to the band, it is indeed a sad time for AC/DC fans and as the old saying goes “All good things must end”. This being said, Johnson’s departure from the band remains amicable, with the former lead-singer leaving during to complications with his hearing.

Of course, with the band currently undergoing a complete world tour, a replacement for Johnson is sorely needed. This is where Axl Rose comes in. Having offered his support to perform for the rest of the band’s shows, the band will continue their world tour meaning those with AC/DC tickets won’t be going without! In fact with that in mind, don’t forget you can still buy your AC/DC tickets, with the band having shows in both Manchester and London!

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