About Us

If you’re wondering who is behind this blog then you’re in the right place. We’re Ticketbis, a secondary market for the buying and selling of tickets. Let us explain a little better…

What we do:

Ticketbis is an online platform that brings together people who want to sell their tickets for events (sport, music and others) around the world with fans who want to buy them. Since 2009, we at Ticketbis have managed over 200 000 ticket sales for more than 15 000 events in Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia and Australia. Our mission is to guarantee the security of transactions and successful exchanges between buyers and sellers. As the intermediary we make sure everything goes right.

At this point it’s possible you’re thinking…

How can I sell tickets?

Life is full of surprises and it’s therefore possible that one of these unexpected events means you can’t attend the match or concert you bought tickets for.  In this case you can sell your tickets on Ticketbis quickly, easily and securely. We take care of promoting the event, listing your tickets, collecting them and delivering them without you having to leave your home. You can choose whatever price you want to list your tickets at and, once the event has taken place, we will transfer the money to your account.

How can I buy tickets?

Imagine there’s a concert you’ve always wanted to go to but there are no tickets left. Ticketbis is the solution! Surely there’s someone out there who can’t go to that same event and is trying to sell their tickets. Choose the tickets you’re looking for and we will make sure you receive them at the address you have provided. In the case of an event taking place very soon, you will be able to pick them up somewhere close to the venue. At Ticketbis we make sure you don’t have any problem receiving the tickets you’ve purchased. If the seller of your tickets fails to come up with the goods we will offer you a substitute and, if you don’t want them, we will refund the money.

As you can see, Ticketbis offers an easy and secure way to buy and sell tickets. What are you waiting for? Try it out!