Beyonce album rumours 2016

BeyonceThe true queen of pop, Beyonce, announced her Formation Tour earlier this month, and of course this has led to a slew of speculation regarding her upcoming album! Of course, this is only half the reason Beyonce has been in headlines, especially if you consider her stellar mash-up performance with Bruno Mars and Coldplay during the  Super Bowl 50 halftime show, it should come as no surprise that a tour is now on the way.  As the mysterious new album, Formation is still very much in the wings, Beyonce’s dropping of her new single of the same name, has already led to a number of rumours:


Rumours on ReleaseTIDAL

Considering her single dropped on the (husband-owned) TIDAL streaming platform, there’s always the chance that it’ll be a TIDAL exclusive and so fans may need to get their TIDAL credentials. As for release date, it may very well be due to TIDAL that Beyonce’s latest has been delayed with both Rihanna’s Anti and Kanye West’s Yeazy Season 3 having exclusively released through Jay-Z’s rival to spotify.


With “Formation” featuring New Orleans legend Big Freedia and producing from Mike WILL Made-it, It’s looking like Beyonce’s out to share the love in this upcoming album and needless to say, a number of high-profile names having confirmed work on the upcoming album. Add to that a bit of light detective work on Instragram and you can expect to see talents such as D.R.A.M., Cara Delevingne, Sia, Bone Thus N’ Harmony and Future appear in the liner notes. Of course the chances of another Beyonce/Jay Z duet remains high, especially when you take into account the sheer success of both previous Beyay Z tracks “Bonnie & Clyde” and “Drunk in Love”.

Beyonce2So far that’s all we’ve got in regards to the new album, but as a side note you may want to snicker away at SNL’s succinct take on “White America”’s overreaction to her Super Bowl performance (A quick search of “Beyonce Turned Black” on YouTube should do the trick)!

While B will be starting her tour all over the US, she’s already confirmed a summer down in the UK, first stopping off at Sunderland’s Stadium of Light, before she travels up and down the UK, including shows in Glasgow and London! Afterwards Beyonce will be travelling the rest of Europe including visits in Paris, Milan and Frankfurt among others!

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