Concerts that made history

One of the reasons why the Rolling Stones or The Beatles have become music legends in the world of music is because they have established unique styles of their own. Performing live in front of thousands — or even millions, of people — has helped conceptualize their corresponding music genres by turning themselves into the icons of their generation and beyond. We’ll walk you through the 5 most legendary live concerts in history, which helped create pivotal moments for their protagonists.

If you take a look at Madonna or Beyoncé, these are the pop stars of today (and even yesterday’s). Their music and style sets the tone for not only new music bands and singers, but also for new fashion trends. This has been true for as far back in history as we can go. The artists that we are going to discuss next have, in their own unique way, reinvigorated and challenged the way people thought of rock and rock n’ roll.

Every true music legend is born that way (or so they say), but it is no less true that when a true legend makes an entrance, something special happens – maybe they instantly redefine reality to transform it into something that not only exists in the ”here and now” but in the ‘’everywhere and anytime.’’ They become timeless. The artists that follow are a prime example of that:

Bob Dylan

Bob DylanIt was the 25th of July, 1965 at the Newport Folk Festival. The history of rock n’ roll wrote a page in gold lettering on that day when Bob Dylan struck a chord (no pun intended) in the American public. He decided to go electric that day and the Festival was the first place where it happened. One of America’s most prominent voices, Dylan defied pop music conventions at that time by attracting both praise and criticism for his unorthodox approach to folk music. By playing an electric guitar on that day, he caught everyone by surprise, which only added another layer of unpredictability and refinement in his work.


NWAOn the 6th of August, 1989. N.W.A. – probably the most obvious precursor to Eminem or Lady Gaga – was arrested after their controversial performance at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. Prior to coming on stage, the police warned the band not to perform their song ‘’F##k the Police.’’ Upon disobeying the police orders, the band was arrested in their hotel room later that night. Their impact and legacy on hip hop is beyond estimation. Their style has crossed musical boundaries; to the point that more mainstream artists like Madonna may have subscribed to their no-holds barred antics and outspoken energy through her work.



NirvanaNirvana’s bizarre performance at the Reading Festival on the 30th of August, 1992 has had its share of supporters and detractors overtime. One could argue that it’s either weird or genius; hit or miss. However, seeing the frontman being pushed out in a wheelchair at the beginning of the set was, to say the least, an innovative way of kick-starting a unique event where Cobain and company brought all of the sounds and melodies, as well as that chaotic and anarchic spirit that has given the band a cult status decades after.


Jimmy Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix

On the 18th of June of 1967 at the Monterey Pop Festival, Jimmy Hendrix stunned the crowd present with a performance that came to define what 60´s music scene was set to be about. The burning guitar became a powerful symbol of how this band would go on to cement the ground-breaking and rebellious principles of rock n’ roll for years to come.


The Beatles

The BeatlesUK’s #1 band of all time takes the top spot on our list. The boys from Liverpool made a memorable appearance at the Ed Sullivan Show on the 9th of February of 1964. That day marked the beginning of one of the most legendary and iconic journeys in music history. The Beatles went to America carrying along the revolutionary and innovative spirit that marked the swinging sixties in the UK. Who would’ve thought that it would all start with a brief stint on a network TV show? The rest already belongs in the annals of history.


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